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ScaffSafe™ and ScaffSmart™

We value health and safety above everything else. With the aim to set the benchmark for safety in the scaffolding industry, we provide a complete safety solution which includes ScaffSafe™ and ScaffSmart™.


ScaffSafe™ has been developed by Grove Scaff as an adjunct to the nationally recognised certification for scaffolders. The programme covers specific aspects of aluminium scaffolding including design and operational requirements and legislation relevant to aluminium scaffolding. All our scaffolders must complete this training and assessment to ensure compliance and best practise.


ScaffSmart™ works to eliminate the risks involved in the installation of scaffolding with standard operating practises including:


  • WHS Management System - a fully compliant and audited WHS Management plan that systematically delivers effective risk assessment and streamlines the management of safe work practises

  • Internally employed scaffolders - Grove Scaff does not use labour hire. All scaffolders are full time employees so there is no doubt that they are experienced, qualified, and trained specifically in the installation of aluminium scaffolding.

  • Compliant Equipment - Grove Scaff exclusively uses “Instant Access” aluminium scaffolding which is Australian made and exceeds the legislative requirements of Australian standards.

  • Risk assessment - All risks and hazards on the job are assessed prior to work commencing and the steps to minimise or eliminate these risks are addressed in a SWMS or Take 5 for Safety.

  • Installation guides - Grove Scaff provides installation guides and links to short videos to assist with minor adjustments and correct procedure for moving any mobile scaffold which is under 4 metres in height.

  • Engineering certification - Where required, engineering certification of scaffold designs is provided. These are certified by a third party for your peace of mind.

  • Handover Certification - Each job is signed off and electronically handed over to the customer at the completion of install by our certified scaffolders.

  • Measurement, evaluation, and management review

    • Inspections and site audits - Scaffold on long term hire is inspected and re-certified every 30 days as required by law. Scaffolding practises are audited, and scaffold builds inspected regularly to ensure compliance.

    • Toolbox meetings - Held in-house monthly to consult with scaffolders and discuss relevant WHS issues.

    • Quality control - Inspection processes and maintenance procedures are strictly followed to ensure scaffolding is always in sound condition and safe for use.

    • Affiliations - Grove Scaff is a member of the Queensland Scaffolding Association to ensure we are up to date with changes to Australian Standards, regulations, and Codes of Practise.

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