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I wanted to build a scaffolding team the industry would recognise for an uncompromising focus on safety and professional service

-Di Barry, CEO


Kevin Barry

Founder of Grove Scaff 1983 - 2011

Grove Scaff is not the same business it was at the end of Kevin’s “reign” in 2011 and it certainly is different without him at the helm.  However, his presence continues to be felt and his deep held values of excellence in presentation, meaningful customer relationships and timely delivery of services remain the cornerstone of how we operate today.


I know he would be proud of the team and maybe he would be pleasantly surprised at how our combined effort has grown his legacy.  Either way I am sure there would be Southwark’s all round!

Brad Sumner

Commenced: February 2011


Skills: Commenced as Operations Manager after 10 years on the tools.  Keen to extend himself and find ways to continually improve our safety and level of service to our customers..


Spare time pursuits:  Loves the footy and is a long time player with the Golden Grove Football Club.. Apparently the body is starting to wear out a bit though and he has relegated himself to "C" grade. Pretty handy with the golf stick too. 

Operations Manager
Brock Duffield

Commenced: December 2008


Skills: A talented  scaffolder who has a high level of understanding of the technicalities of the job.


Spare time pursuits: A proud Aussie who loves camping, fishing and shooting. Recently achieved certification as a helicopter pilot and works part-time flying in the southern Flinders Ranges.

Intermediate Scaffolder & Estimator
Hector Evans

Commenced: March 2008 


Skills: A great all-rounder, Hector was the Ops Manager for 12 years.  He has a high level of understanding of business operations which have transferred positively to his new role.

Spare time pursuits: A keen and talented dirt bike rider and avid Crows supporter.  He is aiming to complete 40 – 24 Hour road trials in his lifetime (he has 10 to go!!)

Asset Manager
Shane Brown

Commenced: January 2004


Skills: Our most experienced scaffolder whose knowledge and expertise is invaluable.  Specialises in designing and building complex scaffold configurations. 



Spare time pursuits:  Loves a flutter on the races or the footy.  Was a talented football player in the day but these days prefers to spectate while his 2 daughters take to the field.

Advanced Scaffolder & Estimator
Lee Franklin

Commenced: April 2010


Skills: A very experienced scaffolder and Estimator who knows how to get the job done safely and on time.

Spare time pursuits:  Self-proclaimed table tennis champion and father of 2 year old Edison

Intermediate Scaffolder & Estimator
Jimmy Thomas

Commenced:  November 2016


Skills: Proving himself to be a scaffolder with an eye for detail.


Spare time pursuits:  A social butterfly and a lover of good music, Jimmy frequents the music festival scene.


Intermediate Scaffolder
Connor Hillcoat

Commenced: March 2017


Skills: A quick thinker and keen to learn.

Spare time pursuits:  Plays “A” grade for the Kookaburras, loves the footy and is a tik-tok enthusiast!

Intermediate Scaffolder
Fred Hilmer

Commenced: May 2017

Skills: The “big” German is the brains behind a customised walk-through frame that we affectionately call “The Himmler”.  Perfect solution for stair access. 


Spare time pursuits:  Riding dirt bikes and crewing for a sprint-car team.

Intermediate Scaffolder
Josh Glenn

Commenced: December 2017


Skills: A great team player and quick to grasp a variety of scaffolding applications.


Spare time pursuits:  Josh can regularly be found at the gym or pounding the pavement.  Some would also say he has an “active” social life

Intermediate Scaffolder
DSC_5379 editedjpg.jpg
Cheryl Appleby

Commenced: February 2020


Skills: Always provides a cheery voice on the other end of the phone and is quick to learn and apply new skills.


Spare time pursuits:  A remedial massage therapist for the SANFLW.  Loves hiking and getting out into the beautiful backyard that is South Australia

Office Manager
Sheralyn Iljcesen

Commenced: February 2012

Skills: Always up for a chat and a laugh, Sheralyn is flexible and adaptable and approaches all tasks with gusto….except (dare I say it), if it is the end of the day on a Friday!

Spare time pursuits:  Loves travelling to exotic locations and getting bargains at the Op Shop.  Drinking any kind of wine also gets a guernsey

Administration Assistant