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Grove Scaff specialises in aluminium scaffold solutions and custom-built scaffold designs.

Aluminum scaffold is the perfect solution for all applications where mobility, quick turnaround time, weight bearing capacity of the building surface and efficiency of install and transport are important considerations.


Mobile solutions


Where mobile solutions are required, the Instant Access 400 series has the answers. It:

  • Is Australian Made and compliant to AS1576.1

  • Has rib gripped joints which are 3 times stronger than welded joints

  • Is light duty rated to 225 kg

  • Can be configured as


A single width mobile (0.7 metres wide) – perfect for narrow access work in corridors, stairwells or footpaths and other areas where space is at a premium


A double width mobile (1.2 metres wide) – ideal for internal and external work and can be used alone or linked to provide a larger working area


Truss base frame scaffold – provides additional height by using a square base frame with reduced equipment. Ideal where height is required but a larger work area is not.


Fixed scaffold solutions


Areas that require fixed scaffold and clear access are addressed with the Instant Ally range of scaffolding. This robust and lightweight aluminium scaffold is:

  • Australian made and compliant to AS 4576

  • Perfect for trades installing cladding, roofing, guttering, painting and as edge protection

  • Can be built to 30 metres high and is rated to 450kg

  • 70 % lighter than steel scaffolding

  • Safer to handle

  • Faster to install

  • Kinder to the environment causing less damage to site

  • A cost-effective solution with reduced labour required compared to steel scaffolding


Solutions for voids


Where safety around upper floor voids is required, void fills provide the answer. The Void fill system:

  • Has been structurally engineered

  • Turn upper floor voids into safe working platforms

  • Prevents falls into the stair void

  • Provides safe access to the upper level via a ladder and walk-through platform

  • Can be custom built to any size opening

  • Is rated to carry 225kg

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